List of Things Left to be Done

The things listed here are roughly in the order of priority.   Not all things listed are likely to get done.   And certainly things will not get done in exactly this order.
  1. Fix bugs as they are encountered.
  2. More testing.
  3. Update tables as per any suggestions I may get.   I simply don't know enough to include a separate "applications" hierarchy.   I'd be interested in adding this if some reasonable such hierarchy should appear.   Note that changes like this are not likely to be made once "mom" goes "live".
  4. Code cron jobs for: sending out mail to mail lists (immediate mail is working now), checking various things related to database entries for the business, and deleting items that have reached or passed their "kill" date.
  5. Implement code to enter words from descriptions into a database table.   Add links to enable searches on these words.   (Nothing very fancy, but hopefully enough to be useful.)   This should not be a lot of work.
  6. Add way for people to flag an item to say that they would like to get mail whenever there is an update or another reference to that item.
  7. Provide means to lock things so that we can do database maintenance.   This will be done in stages.   Our code (not the static pages) would warn people that the site was going down, then maybe 5 minutes later no actions would be allowed that access the database.   Presumably people would not need to be locked out for long.
  8. Take care of sending a letter to a user when payment is received for a code, and do the necessary updates for the accounting. (The latter is complicated by the fact that a code may have different authors, with different authors getting different percentages for various versions.)
  9. Code for me to get quick information given an invoice number. And to get information about a user (including invoice numbers) given their email address.
  10. For buyers of software need way for them to claim credits for literature citations.   Also need to set things up so users can add and look at info for environments on which a particular program has been checked out.   Also need code to allow download of a single program when updates are made.
  11. Author actions.   This code will allow authors to attribute multiple authors to an item, and provide a way to remove one also.   (Any actions here will require the consent of both parties.)
  12. In author display, if current user is unknown, provide a way for the user to indicate they are the author.   (Will require that they register of course.)
  13. The buy/sale category is not really ready.   Need way to track how people rate previous transactions with those who participate in this category.   Either we do the same for the jobs category, or we include consulting and requests for short term help in the buy/sale category.   Also need to take care of bids.
  14. Allow for things to be deleted.   I'm a little fuzzy on just how this is going to be done.   The idea is that once an item is referenced by others they will need to give permission for the thing they have referenced to be deleted.
  15. Add some code that will simplify my maintenance of the database.   Especially nice would be code that would let me change the structure of existing tables without messing up what is already in the database.
  16. Provide a means for authors to change links in descriptions.   (At the moment once an item has been referenced by another, changes are not allowed.   Note that additions to a description are always allowed.)
  17. Allow searches for all entries by an author.
  18. Provide some secure means for people to upload codes to the site.
  19. Before we officially go "live" install the latest versions of the software we are using.   (MySQL, Apache, FastCgi, Linux)
  20. When user gets the page that describes their data, we could provide a link that gives other information about them such as what lists they are subscribed to.
  21. Periodically make up an html page with all of the url's in the system.   At this time do a check to insure that all links are valid.   (We would save enough info so that we would know where the url is.)   This would remove the need to have user flag url's they find are not working.
  22. Ballots stuff needs to be coded.   Things here are planned to be a bit fancy so it is not as easy as one might think.
  23. Add option for people to pay for software with credit cards and/or PayPal.   May also want to provide a way for people to give contributions?
  24. Purchase and install a new computer.
  25. Add some way for contributors to see how sales of their software are going, and what royalties have accumulated for them.
  26. Should we make an effort to define "trust" groups? These would be people who are flagged as known to be who they say they are.   The mechanism would be something like having 3 people already "trusted" who vouch that you are who you are registered as.   As things are now, all we can really say is that the email given reaches the person posting.   (And even that email address may not be visible to users of the system.)
  27. Should we keep a record of recent posts (just for a minute or so) as a pitiful attempt to protect against very simple mined denial of service attacks?
  28. If inspiration strikes, implement a batch check for collusion among those rating things.
Last Revised: July 5, 2001