Fred's Background and Interests

Fred has a PhD in mathematics from Oregon State University under W. E. Milne. His professional experience includes 4 years at TRW Systems, and 31 years at the Jet Propulsional laboratory where he retired as a Principal Mathematician in 1998. He is currently the CEO of Math à la Carte, Inc., a company formed to sell mathematical software on the internet.

Math à la Carte has rights to the the MATH77/mathc90 Libraries developed at JPL. The MATH77 library was selected as one of the first JPL winners in the "Software of the Year Award".

Work on multistep methods for ordinary differential equations has received wide recognition.

Author of numerous articles published in professional journals and conference proceedings.

Served as an Algorithms Editor of ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software and Editor in Chief of Collected Algoithms of ACM.

In addition to his general interest in mathematical software, his special interests include:

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Revised: August 1, 2002