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If you got here with an interest in mathematics education

We recommend Edric Cane's book, Teaching to Intuition, as an exellent source for how mathematics should be learned.   This is mainly for elementary mathematics, but the principles hold for all levels!

About "mom"

"mom" is a partially finished system for organizing information on the web.   The idea of "mom" is to counterbalance the force of advertising with a means for the experience and ideas of ordinary users to be made visible.   A rating system that values the opinions of people based on how their contributions are valued by others is the key idea of the system.   The use of "mom" here is for organizing information in the area of computational mathematics, but since the system is almost entirely table driven it would be easy to implement the same system for many different areas.   The help link in mom gives more details.

This part of the site has seen little use and at the moment appears to be suffering from bit rot.

If you get here, you are welcome to play with the system, and break it if you can.   You will not be allowed to rate anything unless you comment on something or answer a question.   (Such an action means that your response, and indirectly you, can be rated in turn.)   Your personal rating is not visible, except that it affects the initial rating of comments or answers that you post.   In any case your identity can be hidden if you are shy about what you post.

If you choose to try the system, be forewarned that everything in the system may be lost if major changes in the system are required.   We do expect that your initial registration information will be preserved.   Things left to be done can be found here.   Since the site is under active development, it is frequently "down".   These outages typically last for less than half a minute so if it happens to you, try again soon.

About Math à la Carte

Math à la Carte can be reached at (818)352-3244 or by Email (preferred if you are in doubt).   More details about Math à la Carte can be found here.   Detailed information is provided at information for contributors for those interested in having their software sold by Math à la Carte.

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