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The software we provided is now only available at netlib. This software solves a variety of computational mathemtical problems using either Fortran 77, or C.

Open this first in a new buffer: Table of Contents

Open this in another new buffer to select the documentation to download: List of PDF files for the Documentation

If there is software you want, you need to download either math.tgz, or mathc90.tgx from the original page, href="https://netlib.org/math">netlib (The size of these files is given.)

If you got here with an interest in mathematics education

We recommend Edric Cane's book, Teaching to Intuition, as an exellent source for how mathematics should be learned.   This is mainly for elementary mathematics, but the principles hold for all levels!

About Math à la Carte

Math à la Carte can be reached at (818)352-3244 or by email at (with all x's removed) xfkroghx@mathalacarte.com (preferred if you are in doubt), for more about Fred.  

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